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VOLUME 18 (2012) NO. 1


  • Dr. Stuart Frost – Efficient, High-Quality Esthetic Treatment Using Standard Mechanics
  • Drs. Straty Righellis and Doug Knight – Functional & Cosmetic Excellence: Revitalization of a Proven Treatment Philosophy
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VOLUME 17 (2009) NO. 1


  • DR. THOMAS R. PITTS – Begin with the End in Mind: Bracket Placement and Early Elastics Protocols for Smile Arc Protection
  • DR. NICOLE SCHEFFLER – Molar Protraction Using Temporary Skeletal Anchorage
  • DR. WILLIAM W. THOMAS – Variable Torque for Optimal Inclination
  • KRISTY MENAGE BERNIE, EDUCATIONAL DESIGNS – Hygienists: A Powerful Source for Practice Growth
  • DRS. JAMES E. ECKHART AND LARRY W. WHITE – Functional Nonextraction Treatment
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VOLUME 16 (2008) NO. 1


  • DRS. JAMES HILGERS, JOHN GRAHAM, NICOLE SCHEFFLER & STEPHEN TRACEY – The New Gold Standard for Orthodontic Mechanics: VectorTAS
  • DR. TOM BARRON – Extraordinary Practice Growth through Public Education
  • JOHN FULLER, ALLESEE ORTHODONTIC APPLIANCES – A Simple Aligner System for Minor Anterior Correction
  • DR. JEFF KOZLOWSKI – Honing Damon System Mechanics for the Ultimate in Efficiency and Excellence
  • DR. GIUSEPPE SCUZZO – Aligner Alternative for 3-D Control
  • JEFF BEHAN, VISION TRUST – The Importance of Office Staff in Marketing
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VOLUME 15 (2006) NO. 1


  • DR. DERICK TAGAWA – From Good to Great, The Damon System vs Conventional Appliances
  • DR. RICHARD EASTHAM – Treatment Planning for Facial Balance
  • DR. DWIGHT DAMON – Damon System Stability
  • DR. THOMAS GRABER – A Conversation with Dr. Larry White
  • DR. FRANK BOGDAN – The MARA, A Noncompliance Solution
  • DR. LYNN REMINGTON – 6 Keys to Marketing Your Practice
  • DR. BILL DISCHINGER – Red, White and Blue Aligners, A Simple Solution for Simple Tooth Movement
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VOLUME 14 (2005) NO. 1


  • DR. ALAN BAGDEN A Conversation with Dr. Larry White
  • DR. MICHAEL SWARTZ – Bonding Agent Bond Strength
  • DR. DAVID SARVER – Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
  • DR. ROBERT WAUGH – Optimizing Bond Retention
  • DR. STEPHEN TRACEY – Patient Surveys
  • DR. MORRIS STRAUSS – Reducing Wire Pokes
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VOLUME 13 (2004) NO. 1


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VOLUME 12 (2003) NO. 2


  • Dr. Pollard – Capturing the Essence of the Damon Approach
  • Dr. M. Epstein, Dr. J. Epstein, Dr. Tsibel – Management of the Developing Class III Malocclusion
  • Dr. Morales – Getting the Perfect Facemask Fit
  • Dr. Swartz – Reliable Porcelain Bonding
  • Ms. Allen-Noble – Multifunctional Herbst® Solutions
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VOLUME 12 (2003) NO. 1


  • Getting Kids To Listen – Dr. Stark
  • Variable Torque Philosophy – Dr. Smith
  • Aesthetic-Driven Retention – Dr. Bagden
  • Fixed Molar Distalizing Appliances – Aoa
  • Hiring An Office Coordinator – Ms. Garbo
  • Hiro Technique Of Lingual Indirect Bonding – Dr. Takemoto
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VOLUME 11 (2002) NO. 1


  • Dr. Carlyle – Reaping the Benefits of Light Force Archwires
  • Dr. Marcel – Maintaining Standards in a Era of HyperEfficiency
  • Dr. Hilgers – Multifunctional Archwire for Bite Opening,Torque, and Space Closure
  • Dr. Andreiko – Why Shaq Can’t Make a Free Throw (Visual Clues Make the Difference in Precise Treatment)
  • Dr. Moles – Correcting Mild Malalignments – as Easy as One, Two, Three
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VOLUME 10 (2001) NO. 4


  • Dr. Steffen – 21st Century Orthodontics
  • Dr. Sachdeva – Titanium Technology
  • Dr. Piankoff – Staff Retention
  • Dr. Fricke – Transverse Discrepancie
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VOLUME 10 (2001) NO. 3


  • Drs. Epstein – Dual Slot Treatments
  • Dr. Swartz – Aesthetic Brackets
  • Dr. Eversoll – Ensure the Future
  • Drs. Dischinger – Brachycephalic Patients/li>
  • Ms. Bray – Performance Reviewse
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VOLUME 10 (2001) NO. 2


  • Taking the guesswork out of wire selection, Alan Bagden, DDS, MS
  • Crystal-clear sapphire brackets, the inspired alternative to Invisalign, Stephen Tracey, DDS, MS
  • Power whitening, the finishing touch to beautiful, straight teeth, Debra F. Cook, DDS, MS
  • Putting your patients first transforming orthodontic visits into positive experiences, Harold Enoch, DMD, MS
  • Loose brackets minor inconvenience or profit vacuum? Randall K. Bennett, DDS, MS
  • Successful molar bonding with single gingivally offset buccal tubes, Michael L. Swartz, DDS
  • Tracking,analyzing and preventing emergencies, Lori Gar land Parker, MA
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VOLUME 10 (2001) NO. 1


  • Modulus-Driven Lingual Orthodontics
  • Invisible Retainer as Damon Practice Aid
  • Enhance Your Clinical Bonding Experience
  • Nonextraction Therapy Benefits from Small Expansion Appliance
  • MARA Provides Effective Adult Treatment
  • Adult Cases May Require Special Lab Instructions
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VOLUME 9 (2000) NO. 2


  • Dr. Pitts on a New Model of Economy
  • Dr. Mayes on Curing Lights
  • Dr. Hilgers & Tracey on Bioprogressive Principles
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VOLUME 9 (2000) NO. 1


  • Dr. Tracey on the Aesthetic-Driven Practice
  • Dr. Bennett on Extending Treatment Intervals
  • Dr. Hutta on Herbst® Crown Removal
  • Dr. LeClerc on the ESLO
  • Dr. Bagden on Copper Ni-Ti
  • Dr. Swartz on Impressions Trays
  • Dr. Scott on the Orthos Lip Bumper
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VOLUME 8 (1999) NO. 3


  • Dr. Grummons on Asymmetry
  • Dr. Scott on a Take-Home CD-Rom
  • Dr. Littlejohn on Vision
  • Drs. Epstein and Tran on Bite Opening
  • Dr. Swartz on Light Curing
  • Dr. Tracey on Aesthetics
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VOLUME 8 (1999) NO. 2


  • Dr. Damon on the new Damon
  • Dr. Awbrey on the Bite Fixer
  • Dr. Scott on the Orthos Solution
  • A Message from Dr. Larry Andrews
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VOLUME 8 (1999) NO. 1


  • Dr. Cordray on Precision Tx
  • Dr. McFarlane on Staff Motivation
  • Dr. Fillion on New Lingual Archwires
  • Dr. Smith on Herbst® Tx Protocal
  • Dr. McClellan on Marketing via Education
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VOLUME 7 (1998) NO. 4

  • Dr. Dischinger on Full-Face Orthopedics
  • Dr. Bartnett on Revenue Management
  • Dr. Mayes on Bite Jumper Enhancements
  • Third European Lingual Orthodontic Congress
  • Dr. Eversoll on Commitment
  • Dr. Bagden on Sliding Mechanics
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VOLUME 7 (1998) NO. 3


  • Dr. Eckhart on the MARA
  • Dr. Dischinger on Teamwork
  • Dr. Harfin on SpiritMB
  • Dr. Burk on RPE Enhancement
  • The Brunner Rx- Consultation Surveys
  • Dr. Epstein on Orthos Bi-Dimensional Tx
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VOLUME 7 (1998) NO. 2


  • Dr. Wildman on the TwinLock Appliance
  • Dr. Smith on Herbst® Therapy
  • Dr. Odom on Indirect Bonding
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VOLUME 7 (1998) NO. 1


  • Dr. Fillion on the Lingual Orthodontic Resurgence
  • Dr. Drake on Budgeting
  • Dr. Burk on the Express-Nance
  • The Brunner Rx
  • Dr. Mayes on the MMJ
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VOLUME 6 (1997) NO. 4


  • Dr. Weinberger on First Impressions
  • Dr. Burk on Copper Ni-Ti Versatility
  • Drs. Epstein, Mantzikos and Shamus on Recontouring
  • Center Section
  • The Brunner Rx
  • Dr. Bagden on Space Closure
  • Dr. Mayes on the Frozat
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VOLUME 6 (1997) NO. 3


  • Dr. Black on the Patient-Centered Model
  • Dr. Harfin on Implants for Missing Laterals
  • Center Section
  • Dr. Bedette on the Net
  • The Brunner Rx
  • Dr. Alexander on Retention/li>
  • Lingual Orthodontics- The Inside Story
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VOLUME 6 (1997) NO. 2


  • Dr. Turley Interviews Dr. Nanda
  • Dr. Scott Takes a New Tack to Close Spaces
  • Mr. McMahan on Managed Care
  • Ms. Brunner on the Upbeat Office
  • Dr. Clark on Marketing Plan Implementation
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VOLUME 6 (1997) NO. 1


  • Dr. Clark on Marketing Plans
  • Dr. Chastant on SS Crowns
  • Dr. Haltom on Practice Promotion
  • Dr. Starnes on Bite Orthotics
  • Dr. Mayes on Bite Turbos
  • Dr. Hilgers on Retention/li>
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VOLUME 5 (1996) NO. 4


  • Dr. Roblee on IDT
  • Dr. Hilgers on Bios
  • Dr. White on Bond/Band Failure
  • Dr. Boyd on Missing Laterals
  • Dr. Eckhart on Patient Newsletters
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VOLUME 5 (1996) NO. 3


  • Dr. Boyd on Thriving vs. Surviving
  • Dr. Hilgers on Functional Finishing
  • Dr. Mayes on CBJ Adjunctive Tx
  • Dr. Clark on Practice Valuation
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VOLUME 5 (1996) NO. 2


  • Dr. Bennett on the Art of Orthodontics
  • Dr. White Interviews Prof. Melsen and Dr. Fiorelli
  • Dr. Borkowski on a Video Brochure
  • Dr. Mayes on the New CBJ
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VOLUME 5 (1996) NO. 1


  • Dr. Smith on Treatment Efficiency
  • Dr. Mayes on STM, Part 2
  • Dr. Hilgers Takes a Step Backward
  • Dr. Scott on the Lokar Appliance
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VOLUME 4 (1995) NO. 4


  • Dr. Sarver on Nondiagnostic Video Technology
  • Dr. Smith on Efficiency and Profitability
  • Dr. Mayes on Simplified Treatment Mechanics
  • Drs. Blechman and Alexander on Distalizing Molars
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VOLUME 4 (1995) NO. 3


  • Dr. Takemoto on Lingual Extraction Tx
  • Dr. Brady on Copper Ni-Ti Applications
  • Dr. Mayes on RPE Efficiencies
  • Dr. Rosenberg on Breakage Costs
  • Dr. Swartz on Successful Bonding
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VOLUME 4 (1995) NO. 2


  • Dr. Saldarriaga on Archwire Selection
  • Dr. Warren on Copper Ni-Ti
  • Dr. Redmond on Increasing Starts
  • Dr. Davis Looks to the Future
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VOLUME 4 (1995) NO. 1


  • Dr. Andreiko & Mr. Payne on Archwire Coordination
  • Dr. Sarver on RPE Considerations
  • The Tx Coord. Study Club on Their Raison d’ Être
  • Drs. Pollard, Sager & Moles Share Copper Ni-Ti Insights
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VOLUME 3 (1994) NO. 4


  • Dr. Moles on TMJ Diagnosis
  • Drs. Bennett & Hilgers on Maintaining the Gain
  • Dr. Starnes on Retention
  • Dr. Rubin on Patient Communication
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Volume 3 (1994) No. 4

  • Dr. Moles on TMJ Diagnosis
  • Drs. Bennett & Hilgers on Maintaining the Gain
  • Dr. Starnes on Retention
  • Dr. Rubin on Patient Communication
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